Honoring Opt-Outs is Good Business

“To unsub or not to unsub?” Is that the question? The truth is, that isn’t a question at all, it’s the law. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me explain. A few weeks ago, I pinged Len Shneyder, VP of Industry Relations at SendGrid, on Twitter with a simple question: At first, Len couldn’t quite comprehend… Read More »

Voice Analytics: Getting on the Bleeding Edge of Data

Siri is a household name despite not being a real person. It goes without saying that voice technology is here to stay, but what does that mean for data analysis? This blog post will help your organization understand and implement voice analytics.   Voice technology: a short history Voice interaction with computers has been around… Read More »

Google Announces Firebase Analytics

  Each year, the big technology companies hold their conferences announcing the latest and greatest solutions for the market available in the future, but every once in awhile that new technology surprises everyone and is available that day. In the digital marketing world, we often hear about “sneak peeks”, “future integration”, and “shipping next quarter”… Read More »

Mobile Tag Management: the unfortunate truth

  If spending the previous four to five years in the mobile industry has taught me anything, it’s that mobile applications are vastly different than the web. Fundamentally the differences come down to the data: how you present the data, what relevant metrics are used; even how data is collected is a subject of strong… Read More »

Analysts, and executives, and monkeys! Oh, my! (Part 2)

Originally written 3 years ago…. prepare to be potentially underwhelmed – only time references have been updated. For those of you that don’t check my blog every day in hopes of part 2 being published here is Part 1.   In my last post a couple months years ago I detailed my hate filled presentation at… Read More »

Analysts, and executives, and monkeys! Oh, my! (Part 1)

Last week I had the great honor to present at the first ever Accelerate event hosted by Web Analytics Demystified, sponsored by Ensighten, OpinionLab & Tealeaf. Having been to many events over the years, I can safely say that this type of event is one that hasn’t been done before in the context of the… Read More »

(Ex) Customer Satisfaction – The Brand Implications

I’m going to stray away from the normal digital marketing/analytics type of post and bring up what I consider to be a relevant marketing factor that is overlooked from time to time. It should be pointed out that in this post I am calling out specific companies but they are not the only ones guilty… Read More »

Stop looking for the scapegoat

This post originally started is a comment to the post on Michele Hinojosa’s blog about “Whose responsibility is online privacy?“… but I got a little long-winded, so here we go! First off… Yes, I work for a vendor but with regards to this topic I am an equal opportunity (vendor, implementor, business, etc…) offender. That… Read More »


In today’s fast paced world of technology there are few events or devices that catch the world’s attention and certainly not for three days.

Below is a small story which I’ve “borrowed” from Woot.com (on 17 Feb, 2011) that is a rather interesting – Matrix-like – look at the future, with a little humor sprinkled in.
Some parts were removed as they pertained to the deal of the day on Woot.

WAA Awards Gala Nominations

Let me start this out by saying, I am not looking to bribe people with this post. The intent of this promotion is to simply motivate people to get loud and support your peers, vendors and agencies! At this up coming eMetrics San Francisco in March the Web Analytics Association (WAA) will be hosting an… Read More »