WAA Awards Gala Nominations

By | 2011-02-08

Let me start this out by saying, I am not looking to bribe people with this post.
The intent of this promotion is to simply motivate people to get loud and support your peers, vendors and agencies!

At this up coming eMetrics San Francisco in March the Web Analytics Association (WAA) will be hosting an inaugural Spring Awards Gala.

This gala has been a long time coming and to ensure that it is successful the WAA Membership Committee has tapped the best and brightest amongst us to make this go off without a hitch. To this point, things have been going rather well.

The one part that I have been COMPLETELY surprised by is the lack of love with-in the industry for the nominee voting.

To nominate someone or a group you don’t even need to be a WAA member but for some reason we are only seeing the same 5-6 people or groups being nominated per category. I honestly thought that we would have 10-15 different nominees per category which would result in some massive battle for greatness.

Obviously there are people and groups that standout but we can’t ALL be sheep and think that they are the only ones.

So…..  In hopes of creating a little diversity and to get the competitive juices flowing I am putting my own money up to get people to vote. I don’t care who you vote for (except Pee-wee Herman and Howard Stern… they won’t count), but I want to see some piranha-like fervor.


What do I mean by putting up my own money?

The person that submits the most (valid) nominations will get a $100 Amazon.com Gift card and a $50 Amazon Gift card for the person with the second most.

**Valid (in my eyes) is, a nominees full name (or company name), email OR twitter id and your details. Aside from that, fill the rest in with something relevant.

There are five categories and I expect to see people voting for at least all five once.

  • Web Analytics Rising Star (individual)
  • Most Influential Industry Contributor (individual)
  • Most Influential Agency / Vendor (group)
  • Client / Practitioner of the Year (individual or group)
  • Innovator of the Year (individual or group)

Nominations are due by 10 Feb, 2011, so HURRY.


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